Campus Sexual Assault Victims’ Bill Of Rights Introduction

A college or university in a free society must be devoted to the pursuit of truth and knowledge through reason and open communication among its members. Academic communities acknowledge the necessity of being intellectually stimulating where the diversity of ideas is valued. Its rules must be conceived for the purpose of furthering and protecting the rights of all members of the university community in achieving these ends.
The boundaries of personal freedom are limited by applicable state and federal laws and institutional rules and regulations governing interpersonal behavior. In creating a community free from violence, sexual assault, and nonconsensual sexual contact, respect for the individual and human dignity are of paramount importance.
The state of New Jersey and Rutgers recognize that the impact of violence on victims and the surrounding community can be severe and long-lasting. Thus, this Bill of Rights has been established to articulate requirements for policies, procedures, and services designed to ensure that the needs of victims are met and that the colleges and universities in New Jersey create and maintain communities that support human dignity.


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