Campus Advisors for Responding Parties

The Complainant and Respondent, respectively, may be accompanied to any meeting or hearing under the Student Policy by an advisor of their choice. An advisor may be a friend, family member, lawyer or other individual of the student’s choosing.

Advisors may support the student and provide advice about the investigation and disciplinary process. During meetings and hearings, the advisor may talk quietly with the student or pass notes in a non-disruptive manner. The advisor may not intervene in a meeting or hearing or address the investigator or Hearing Officer, including by questioning witnesses or making objections. Failure to comply with these mandates may result in the advisor being removed from, or prohibited from attending, any investigatory meetings and/or the hearing.

It is the responsibility of the student to make sure their advisor is present at meetings and hearings. Advisor availability shall not be sufficient grounds for postponing meetings or hearings.

The list of available campus advisors can be found here:

Campus Advisor List