If a student discloses to you that they are the victim of sexual or domestic violence:


1. Determine if the victim requires immediate medical assistance. If so, call Rutgers Student Medical Services at 848-932-7402 (ext.27402 on college phone) or 911. Advise the victim that they can contact the Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance (VPVA) before making a decision about seeking medical attention. Also inform them that VPVA is a confidential resource and does not have to share information with any school official unless the victim gives them permission to do so.


2. Ask the victim if they would like you to contact the police immediately. If so, call 732-932-7211 for RUPD. If not, respect the victim’s wishes.


3. Advise the victim that you can protect their privacy, but you cannot promise confidentiality. Tell the victim that you, as a responsible employee of the University, are required to report the incident to the college’s Title IX Coordinator, but you will not tell anyone else. Let the victim know that the Title IX Coordinator will likely be in touch with them via email.


4. Remind the victim that acts of sexual misconduct, such as sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking are never the fault of the victim. Thank the victim for telling you what happened and provide them with the list of resources. Resources can be found online at endsexualviolence.rutgers.edu and in college brochures available from the Title IX Coordinator. Please inform the victim that their best resource on campus for support and additional information about reporting options is VPVA.


5. Mention the various options they have (VPVA, CAPS, Title IX Office, RUPD, New Brunswick PD etc.). Let them know that VPVA or the Title IX Coordinator/Title IX Investigator can also provide resources and information for victims in greater detail.


6. Advise the victim that they have the right to file a complaint or not to file a complaint with the college. Explain that they can submit a report online, via email, via telephone or in person. Title IX information is available at endsexualviolence.rutgers.edu that describes the filing process, or the victim may be in touch with the Title IX Coordinator directly to better understand the process. The Title IX Coordinator/Title IX Investigator can be reached at 848-932-8576.


7. Advise the victim that they have the right to contact or not to contact the police at any time. Please also inform the victim that you are required to report the incident to the Title IX Office, but the victim does not have to file a formal complaint. They can come back to file a formal complaint at any point in time. Let them know the Title IX Office will provide more information about the process.


8. Some victims are in situations where they don’t feel safe going to classes, going home or going to work. Let the victim know that there are people on campus that can help them. Advise the victim that assistance can be provided by the college (Title IX Coordinator, VPVA, or Dean of Students) for changing housing, academic, and working situations, or any other interim measures if requested by the victim and if reasonably available, regardless of whether the victim chooses to report the situation to the police or file a formal complaint via the Title IX Office.


9. Inform the victim that findings of retaliation could result in policy violation charges. The University wants to make certain the fear of retaliation does not prevent the victim from reporting the incident either to the police or formally to the University. If the victim experiences any retaliation, they should immediately contact the Title IX Coordinator. Let them know that the Student Policy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, Relationship Violence, Stalking and Related Misconduct can also be found online at endsexualviolence.rutgers.edu.